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: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Brief Overview
To be the applicant an employer selects for a job requires two things:
- Know what employers WANT from you in order for them to consider you as a possible candidate.
- Know how to give employers what they NEED at the interview.

Many people incorrectly think that a nice CV, a pretty smile and "going to sell" themselves at an interview will get them the job - but the days where this may have worked are long gone. In an increasingly competitive job market, where the number of job applicants grow each year and employers having less time to look at all applications, employers are know to vigorously sift through applicants and to look only at those that immediately give them what they wants / need the way they want it.

In this work a Human Resources Manager will (1) give you a list of everything you need to know, look at and do to achieve the above and (2) show you what you need to do to out-perform all the other applicants so that the employer will view you as the top applicant when compared with all the applicants. You will be shown:
- How to put together a proper personal portfolio.
- What to do and not do at interviews.
- What question are asked and how to answer them.
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